Adams Papers Digital Edition

Welcome to the Adams Papers Digital Edition, which began life as part of the Founding Families Digital Editions. Here in one, easily accessible resource you will find the content of the previously printed volumes of the Adams Papers, a long-standing documentary edition prepared at the Massachusetts Historical Society. This digital edition includes all text of the historical documents and all editorial text. There is a single consolidated index for volumes published through 2006, while the indexes for more recent volumes appear separately.

About this Edition

Visit the Adams Family Resources for more, including the Online Adams Catalog (a database of every known Adams document) and other digital collections.


The Adams Papers Digital Edition (APDE) receives support from the Packard Humanities Institute, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The project was made possible with original funding from the NEH and Harvard University Press and with technical assistance from Rotunda, the electronic imprint of the University of Virginia Press.

The APDE is maintained by William Beck, Sara Martin, and Amanda Norton, with the assistance of Adams Papers editors: Rhonda Barlow, Gwen Fries, Sara Georgini, Neal Millikan, Christopher Minty, and Hobson Woodward. We also thank the original digitization team: Suzanne Carroll, Dov Frede, Holly Hendricks, Ondine Le Blanc, Jeanine Rees, Sara Sikes, C. James Taylor, and Paul Fotis Tsimahides, and the contributions of former Adams Papers editors: Karen Barzilay, Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Mary Claffey, Judith Graham, Margaret A. Hogan, Robert Karachuk, Gregg Lint, and Emily Ross, as well as the volunteer assistance of Sequoia Dooley, Margaret Meaney, Marcia Shanbaum, Bill Sloan, and Constantine Zavras.