Friday, 20 May 2011

Brookes family photographs

Here are some family photographs of the Brookes family closer to my time. All are photographs taken at my parent's wedding in 1946.

Doris Berry (Brookes) c1890-1955, my grandmother, and her brother Edgar Brookes c1895-1977. My grandfather Clifford Berry b1888 passed away in 1933.

Edgar and Doris with Edna Ronson, (Doris Edna, (Berry) 1916-1993, Jeff's sister) and far right Annie Brookes, (Briggs, 1904-2000, Edgar's wife).

Left-right:- Margaret Brookes c1930, (Edgar's daughter), the current Warwick Brookes c1934, (Edgar's son), Winifred Smith, (Brookes, 1897-1973, Edgar's sister), her son Brian, who sadly passed away aged 18yrs, and her daughter Pauline c1939. Winifred was married to Allan Smith c1895, who didn't attend my parent's wedding, where this photograph originates.

My great grandfather, William Terry Brookes 1864-1923 and my great grandmother Hannah Langley c1865 had the following children:- Doris 1890-1955, (my grandmother), William Langley c1891, Margaret 1893-1920, Edgar c1895-1977, Winifred 1897-1973

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