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Warwick Brookes 1808-1882 location of last home address.

When Warwick Brookes 1808-1882, the artist died, it caused the publication of many articles in the press at the time. Amongst those was an account of his funeral which took place at Brooklands Cemetery, Sale. The article states that the cort├Ęge started from his home address at 4 Egerton Grove, Stretford New Road, joined Chester Road, and made its way to Brooklands.

Stretford New Road is now known as Stretford Road, and although the area has been very much developed in the years since then, the remnants of Wellington Grove, which was the next street down from Egerton Grove, still remains as a cobbled street off Stretford Road, that goes nowhere for a few yards. Further up Stretford Road can be found the Zion Arts Centre, which was once the site of The Zion Independent Chapel, of which Warwick was a member, and whose preacher, the Rev. Edwin Simon, conducted the service at Brooklands Chapel, and at the grave side. All of these locations can be seen on current maps:-

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Wellington Grove is the cobbled street off the main road up by the side of the pub. Egerton Grove would have been to the right of the large tree. The maps are interactive - have a play!

Have a look at the 1891 Manchester Town Map, by following this link to old <Click>. Once there type in the co-ordinates 382916 and 396569 and press "GO". This will bring up the modern street map of the Egerton Grove area. From the list of maps available on the right hand side, choose the 1891 Town map to see it as it would have been around the time of Warwick's death. Choose the 1851 Town map, and see how the area had changed since then. Fascinating!

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